Open Your Eyes!!!!

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Hey folks I hope that your training is going well!  A couple of times in the last month I have had the opportunity to have some really good conversations with some talented martial practitioners.  During the course of the conversations we were talking about movement and martial practice.  One thing during the course of our talks came up about some practitioners doing some incredible things.  There are simply incredible martial practitioners out there and they can do some amazing things but…… if you ever view some thing and it looks to good to be true it probably is.  This is very important because what we do as martial practitioners needs to be based in reality.  It not only has to work in training but also out there in the real world.  So always be critical of everything you see and practice.  If it will not work in real-time, real speed with a resisting opponent it probably won’t work.  Check out some of the following videos.

ki master

Some times people buy into their own crap and need a wake up call.  The following video shows the ki master vs. an MMA guy 


The Human Stun Gun

National Geographic


Typically people who do this kind of stuff have trained for a long time and have skills in the Martial Sciences.  Unfortunately some where along the line they either are taught these tricks or have a student who is suggestible and totally buys in and walla the next no touch, magical throwing sensation is born.

If you are suggestible and open to hypnosis then this type of crap could work on you.  However, if you do not want it to workIt won’t!  It comes down you your mental state!!!

That does not mean that there are not absolutely wild things in the Martial Sciences but…….. you have to carefully check them out.  The following clip shows some sensitivity training that could work if broken down into a quick counter and then into real control and finalization. (ie. finishing moves)  However, taken in it’s over all context of the video you simply could not consistently repeat this type of movement with the same person without them allowing you to do it.  That does not mean what he is doing is bad just that it cannot work against someone trying to kill you unless you initially use it very briefly then move onto more established physical control and finishing moves.  So as a demonstration this is okay and the practitioner needs to understand this is a demonstration on sensitivity and that to make it work in real life it is a quick bit of sensitivity and then bam you need to move into control and your finishing technique.

Here is another sensitivity training demonstration by my good friend and Kuntaw Guru Brian “Buzz” Smith.  The same thing applies here in that Buzz is demonstrating sensitivity and sticky hands in his system.  He would not continuously do this but instead use it quickly then move into a strike, control hold, etc.

Here is a Bagua sensitivity drill where the instructor shows the drill then shows applications out of it that is very useful.

Stay grounded in what you do and what you personally can do.  This is very, very important.  It does not mean however to avoid trusting your instincts and intuition.  Anybody who has been in real world violence can tell you that you feel things.  In a traffic stop you might get that hinky feeling that some thing is not right and guess what it wasn’t.  Or you may be about to arrest someone and you just know they are a fighter or a runner and wallah they are.  We can do miraculous things but not throwing around people without touching them unless of course you move subtly enough and they just lose their balance. 🙂      This is important to note I have never met anyone able to move people without those people being their direct students whom they have over time created a form of self-hypnosis on them.  When asked to do it on a stranger or non student they usually refused.  This is not to say that intuition and energy is not real because it is of course.  I have certainly come home and felt no knew that my wife was upset with me even before I came in the door.  I have felt someone’s energy while training with them.  So we certainly can pick up on things and other people’s thoughts, etc.  Energy is there for sure and in a confrontation that can be manipulated but it does also need a physical component.  Physical, Mental and Spiritual need to come together in your training and in self-defense if needed.  It is kind’ve hard to make someone fall without the physical component.  I will give anyone $10,000 if they can do it to me with no physical contact.  If it can be done I would truly be surprised and astounded!  Of course they must also put up $10,000 and forfeit it when they fail!  Which they will of that I have no doubt!  We will of course have an independent observer verify the failure. 🙂

Now I am not picking on these people but as a martial practitioner you need to have a critical eye and always look at whatever you are learning and say would that really work?  Could I make it work?  If you can’t then you need to say why am I doing this?  Do not follow someone because of their charisma and or their ability to make the impossible work.  No instead if you are putting in the time you need results!  You need some thing that will work.  Have them explain what they are doing for you to learn and demonstrate it over and over and some times on a non-compliant person who is also not a student.   It may work with explanation, demonstration and training.  If you do not think it will work in the end move on!  Life is way to short to get involved with some of the fantasy that is out there.  No stay real, stay grounded and be a solid martial practitioner!

If someone was in one of the above videos and was lumped in with someone doing some crazy stuff then obviously any negatively thought comments do not apply to you.

Brian R. VanCise

Note: This blog is opinion only and neither Instinctive Response Training LLC or Brian R. VanCise are responsible for any third party actions.

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