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World Class Seminars & Intensives

Seminars and Intensives are a dynamic way to improve your skill set. Come and train at an Instinctive Response Training World Class seminar or intensive today! Whether it is an in house seminar or a guest instructor from another art or an intensive you will have the opportunity to partake in one of the finest training session’s in the world. Join us for one of our next seminars or intensives!

Our Seminar’s and Intensive’s are always small and you will definitely learn and not feel like a number!

Mike Hammer and Gary Haffey 2 Poster Edges

Training On The Edge Of The World Intensive

Seminars & Intensives for 2012

Instinctive Response Training Proudly Presents


Attention: Prepay up to One Week Early for any Seminar and Intensive and Save $!!!

There are however no refunds but you can be credited for another seminar in the future! 


Grappling With Weapons Seminar Photo With Noise(Large)

IRT Combative Grappling Intensive 

This intensive is designed to improve your movement
on the ground. Learn combative grappling skills with and without weapons/tools.  Take your grappling to the next level!
When: Sunday, February 26th
Where: Las Vegas Martial Arts Academy
What Time: 9 am to Noon
Cost: $50
Contact: 702-326-3622 ask for Brian

Pay For This Intensive: Pay Now

IRT Online Training Sibat

IRT Sibat Intensive Class
Date: May 7th, 2017
Cost : $50 or Prepay at $40
Time: Sunday 1 pm to 4pm.
Topic covered: This will be a unique look into IRT Martial System. Featuring training in Sibat the 5 foot stick of IRT. The curriculum will be very, very advanced so holdon and enjoy the ride!
Location: Red Rock Canyon at “The Slab”, Nevada

Call 702-326-3622

IRT Intensive Class Texas
Spring, 2017  Details soon…

IRT Intensive Class Kalamazoo, Michigan
Fall, 2017  Details soon…

IRT Intensive Class Florida
Summer, 2017  Details soon…

IRT Intensive Class Alma, Michigan
Fall, 2017  Details soon…

Brian R. VanCise is available to teach Instinctive Response Training around the world.

With the growth of IRT booking a seminar is easy. Simply just call Brian R. VanCise at 702-326-3622 or email at Seminar’s and Intensive’s that are booked have been incredibly well attended and a host instructor/IRT split is 50/50! I want everyone to enjoy the training and I want the host instructor to benefit both from the training and monetarily to help them grow their Training Hall!

Seminar Guide lines:

– No video or audio equipment allowed. Pictures can be taken by permission only.

– All participants must sign a liability waiver to attend

– All participants must provide a valid photo ID.

Book a truly unique, one of a kind seminar today!

Brian R. VanCise has taught professionally in North America including Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Texas, Tennessee, Illinois, New York, Florida, Canada including Toronto and Ontario as well as outside of North America in Australia, Kauai (Hawaii), The Bahamas, Japan and India! Host your seminar and enjoy a world class experience!

If you are a skilled practitioner and in need of new skill sets then come and find out why Brian R. VanCise is known as the trainers trainer!

If you do wish to host a seminar but are unsure if your Training Hall can support the cost then contact Brian R. VanCise personally to discuss options.

Here are some World Class Seminar and Intensive pictures!


Aikido Intensive 2016

CCW class 4


PIC_0082 - CopyfTIE


IRT Scenario 3 (2)

Scenario Based Training 2014

Masters And Champions 2015.Still005Posterized

Masters and Champions 2014

IRT Fall Combatives 2014 Intensive.Still006

IRT Fall Combatives 2014


IRT Desert Oasis Intensive


IRT Fall Combatives Intensive 2013

Living Arts Photo 4

Living Arts Intensive 2013

Rich AK47 Blue Gun

Mt. Charleston Intensive 2013

Seminar Brian October 26th 2012 2

Courtesy of Dean Houser

IRT Intensive Spring 2013

Jose and Mike TIE 2011 #2

2012 Fall Alma Seminar

Six Foot Stick Intensive 002 for TIE

6 Foot Stick Intensive

Mike and Jose

2010 IRT Grappling With Weapons Seminar

Group Picture B&W 2010

2010 Group Picture

Kauai Beach Stick and Dagger 1

IRT Training and Teaching in Kauai 2010

Winter Outdoor Pictures February 2008 11

Winter Snow Grappling 2009


Women’s Self Defense At Alma College Fall 2009

Rich 4

Rich Parsons Seminar 2009

Sumbrada Photo

Sumbrada Intensive 2009


Grand Tuhon Tortal and The Gathering 2008

Brian & Buzz Sword & Shield Seminar

Maharlika Kuntaw Sword and Shield Seminar 2009


IRT Long Sword Intensive 2008


Pressure Nerve Point Intensive 2008


Brian R. VanCise in the Bahamas Teaching

GT Group

Grand Tuhon Jersen “Nene” Tortal Of Dekiti Tirisia Siradas At “The Gathering” 2008


Brian R. VanCise At “The Gathering” 2008


Brian “Buzz” Smith At “The Gathering” 2008


Rich Parsons At “The Gathering” 2008


Women’s Self Defense Seminar Alma College 2008 Gary Haffey Teaching


Brian R. VanCise, Dr. Remy Presas Jr. And Nicholas VanCise At A MARPPIO Seminar

Mackinaw City Thunder Falls and 1st Day Bob Orlando Seminar 064

Recent Bob Orlando Seminar 2008


Neck Crank Intensive 2008


Nene Tortal of Dekiti Tirsia Siradas Seminar in Chicago


IRT Seminar In Texas at the MartialTalk Southern Meet and Greet 2008


Budo Taijutsu Seminar with Shihan Michael Asuncion 2008


Maharlika Kuntaw Seminar With Brian “Buzz” Smith 2008


IRT Foot And Leg Lock Intensive 2008

IRT MMA Intensive Class Crossbody Poster Edges Cropped

IRT Positional Dominance Intensive 2008


IRT Positions And Transitions Intensive 2008


Brian VanCise & Matt Lamphere DefenseCraft Seminar 2007


IRT Tactical Push Dagger Seminar 2007


Brian & Gurukkal 2004 (Kalarippayattu)


Mark O’Brien Seminar on Kukishin Ryu Fall 2007


Alma College Women’s Self Defense 2006


Bob Orlando & Brian R. VanCise 2005 (Kuntao/Silat)


Rich Parsons & Brian R. VanCise 2006 (Modern Arnis)


Matt Lamphere, Brian Smith & Brian R. VanCise 2006 (Maharlika Kuntaw)

Mike Asuncion Seminar 2008 TIE 3

Shihan Michael Asuncion Seminar 2007 (Budo Taijutsu)


Terry Stoker, Brian R. VanCise & Yolanda Stocker IRT Seminar in Texas 2007


Dan Anderson Seminar 2006 (Modern Arnis 80)


Brian R. VanCise’s Kalaripayattu Experience 2004


Mark O’Brien Seminar Sponsored at Eastern Michigan University 2005 (Budo Taijutsu)


Noguchi Shihan Live Internet Training 2005 (Budo Taijutsu)

IRT Archery & Tomahawk Seminar 2006


Marvin & Ian at a Rich Parsons Seminar 2006 (Modern Arnis)


Rich Parsons, Dominik Lazarski & Ben Harrison 2006 (Modern Arnis)

Class Kendo Sparring 001

IRT Class Kendo Training 2007


Rich Parsons Seminar 2005

Winter Snow Grappling 2009 (end of the year) 016

Winter Training 2008


Winter Ax Throwing 2008


Hatsumi Sensei and Brian Japan 2004


Brian and Seno Sensei Japan 2004


Group Shot With Nagato Sensei 2004

Brian and Shiraishi Sensei Japan

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