Concealed Carry Options!

…..Okay so in the United States of America within many of the States you can apply and receive a Concealed Pistol License.  Sometimes they go by different names Concealed Weapons License or CCW or even a few different ones.  We also have reciprocity through many different States so you are able to legally carry in many of them.  Though you need to know and understand each individual states law.  Now when carrying you need to have a structure in how you carry and can conceal what you are carrying so that other people do not know it is there.  This is pretty easy with smaller caliber hand guns but when you get into larger sized hand guns like a Glock 40 cal. or 45 cal. then you start to run into some problems.  Now if you are a larger individual this still can be pretty easy but for you average sized person you need to have some strategies.  Personally I like inside the pant holsters or fanny pack holsters.  The inside the pants holster gives great concealment and yet it is available in a heart beat.  Fanny pack holsters offer the same and yet you can carry them easily and extra magazines and accoutrement’s as well.  I also use several on the hip holsters but only when wearing a coat.  Below are some concealed carry holsters:

Galco Large Fanny Pack Holster

Inside the Pant Holster

Hip Holster (note this is a cheap one as I prefer ones made out of leather with no strap)

…..The above options are pretty standard in that most people who carry concealed will have several options that they use depending on the type of clothing they are wearing.   Personally the inside the pant is my favorite style but the fanny pack is a close second as I have always worn fanny packs when wearing t-shirts and shorts.

See You On The Mats!

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3 Responses to Concealed Carry Options!

  1. jks9199 says:

    Personally, I hate the fanny packs. They pretty much all scream “I’m carrying a gun here!”

    I carry on the hip, alternating between a paddle holster and a pancake holster. They’re convenient for me — and they’re wear my body’s been programmed to find my gun…

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Hey jks9199,

    I understand your hip conditioning completely. 🙂

    For myself I like the inside the pants holsters as they are a little less noticeable on my body frame. I can only really wear the hip holsters that I use if wearing a jacket. (so they do get use during fall/winter) The fanny pack for me has been a consistent thing that I have worn with t-shirts for years so everyone around me at least is not put off by it. Sure anyone in the personal protection business picks up the fanny pack right away however your average person seems not to notice. In the end we need to find that comfortable factor for each of us in regards to concealed carry and dress, time of year, training, mental make up all will come into play! Just my 02. on it!

    Thanks for stopping by The Instinctive Edge again! 🙂

  3. Personally I like inside the pant holsters or fanny pack holsters. The inside the pants holster gives great concealment and yet it is available in a …

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