Training in the Martial Sciences is all about consistency. Continuously training and making sure even if you only have limited time that you still get your training in! Lets face it, some times life gets in the way of our training. Work happens, family obligations happen, a change in schedule happens, etc. It is how we persevere at these times that really makes the difference. If I find myself being short on time I may only do some visualization training or just some push ups and sit ups but I do try to fit something in. That is the key! Get some kind of training in no matter what! Be regular and have consistency in your training!

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A Few Video’s From Core JKD Focusing on Silat

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What Is IRT?


Is a combat oriented martial system that has its origins from various martial arts from around the world.

This system has been heavily influence by martial arts from Korea, America, Philippines, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, China, Europe, Thailand and Vietnam.
This system has further developed by incorporating what is useful from other martial arts and self defense systems.
IRT™ at its very essence is the study of Martial Science.
IRT ™ is a system that teaches martial science. Martial science includes the entire group of martial techniques designed for self defense.

Martial science continues to develop and mature with each day, month, and year, it is flexible developing naturally as new innovations and ideas surface.

Very few things are more instinctive than hand to hand combat between humans.

Even though we have come into the space age, conflict among humans continues to happen on a daily basis around our world. During the course of everyday living, each and every one of us is a potential victim of violence.

How do we ensure the safety of our loved ones as well as ourselves?

While there are no absolutes or guarantees if we practice true martial ways, then at least we have a chance to survive a violent encounter. Preparation and Planning are always the keys in every facet of our life, it should be no different then when we contemplate how to protect our loved ones and ourselves.

Over the years as I designed a system that was always open ended and provided growth for every practitioner and at every level of their training.

The principles and concepts taught for protecting oneself grow according to each practitioners ability and skill level and they are always taught with a clear moral guidance.
The instinctive response is what every system around the world strives for in their martial science training. It is the process of bringing the body, mind, and spirit together during the moment of a violent encounter so that the practitioners actions occur without thought.

Through IRT ™ I teach martial science, the art of using one’s body, mind and spirit for self protection and self realization.

It is important to note that INSTINCTIVE RESPONSE TRAINING™ is a name and what is really important is learning martial science to grow as a more complete human

Learn Instinctive Response Training truly one of the worlds most effective Martial Sciences!

We Train People To Survive In The Moment Of Truth!

Pressure Test Your Martial Abilities By Training With Resistance!

“No Limitations – No Absolutes”™

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Okapi Knife Review From Blade Files…

John Bednarski with Grand Tuhon “Nene” Tortal and Brian R. VanCise

Okapi knife review from John Bednarski of Blade Files…

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IRT Instructor Spotlight…

IRT Instructor Spotlight : Mike Hamer

Mike Hamer started training in IRT as a teenager at the old training hall in Alma, Michigan. Mike excelled in every aspect of training: Weapons, Kicking, Hand Striking, Trapping Hands and Joint Manipulation and Grappling. As an adult Mike entered a grappling tournament and won it against black belts. He then wanted to test himself in the cage and had two MMA fights and easily won both. To round out his training Mike began training in Aikido and is now an experienced Aikidoka. Always looking to improve his skills on this Martial Science journey Mike has attended so many seminars throughout the years whether in IRT, Kuntaw, Dekiti Tirsia Siradas, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Balintawak, Firearms and more. Like every martial practitioner Mike is on his own personal journey and fortunately for me and all IRT practitioners I have had a small part in it!

Mike is located in Battlecreek, Michigan and is accepting private students

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In this video my good friendJohn Bednarski talks about the south African Martial System of Piper! Piper is a dynamic martial system with very unorthodox movement. Enjoy!

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