Staying Up To Date In The Bujinkan!


Picture reprinted from the IRT Book: Cornerstone Lunging Techniques

…..Okay if you are a Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu practitioner you may have a hard time keeping up with the current training happening in Japan.  That is unless you live there.  So for everyone else there are several ways to attempt to keep up.  There is the DVD series Kuden.  This chronicles training and runs roughly three years or so behind what Soke Hatsumi is teaching now.  Then there is also the Shinken Taijutsu online video download that roughly covers training happening only a couple of months behind what is currently being taught.  You can see there two websites here and here.  The video’s shown at the Shinken Taijutsu website’s are usually filmed by Mike Pearce, with Phil Legare and Mike performing most of the teaching.  However they do have other Shidoshi and Shihan’s teaching on there as well.  Quite often they will have Noguchi teaching and showing everything from advanced material to the basics.  So if you are interested in keeping up with the training coming out of Japan then this is one way to do so.  Of course you can and should go to seminar’s that are conducted by people just coming back from Japan.  If you do all of the above plus train at your dojo then you will probably be pretty much on top of the current training.

See You On The Mats!

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