Football Is In Full Swing!

Awesome Horizontal Elbow

…..Okay so America’s favorite game has started in earnest and the professional’s really kick off today.  Yes I am talking about football!  Football has certainly become and replaced baseball as America’s Favorite Past Time.  The ratings simply bear it out.  Now with all of the football games that have happened so far it is a good time and especially poignant to me that any team during any game can win! Meaning you may be a really good or decent team but if you do not bring your A game you may just go down to defeat.  This also translates very well to the Martial Sciences in that on any given day if you are in a violent encounter anything can happen and anyone can defeat you.  So when you do have to bring your skill sets to bear step your game up and take care of business. Bring your A game and simply survive!  Never underestimate your opponent as even some one who you physically should over power can potentially end your life.  In training treat every training partner with respect and understand that at any moment they could and probably will surprise you.  If you understand this then you may eliminate one weakness in your arsenal.  I can relate many stories of instances where someone has been surprised.  I will relate one that happened twenty years ago.  A young male was sparring with a very small female.  The young male was athletic, quick and physically strong the female while small was pretty quick to.  This young man through a roundhouse kick that I am sure he though would connect unfortunately the young female through an upward front kick to the groin and the well yes the young man collapsed in agony.  I watched this encounter and later talked with the young man.  He stated that we was surprised because he was so sure that he could do anything he wanted.  After all she was just a girl. (his exact words not mine) Little did he know that the “girl” was really, really good.  Never underestimate your opponent or you may pay the price in this match it was probably just being sore for several day’s.  On the street it could be your life!

See You On The Mats!

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Brian R. VanCise

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