What Do You Train In?

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…..Some systems have very specific uniforms that they train in whether it is a traditional martial arts uniform (GI) or for reality based self defense practitioners battle dress uniforms (military BDU’s), etc.  Bottom line most systems have some thing that they want you to train in.  In IRT we really do not worry about what you train in just come to training and learn.  Most practitioner’s wear some combination of t-shirt and a black uniform but many just come in shorts and a t-shirt.  However one thing is mandatory for men and that is a cup.  That is because we hit there and you will need one!  Personally I train quite often in a uniform in class or uniform pants and a t-shirt.  Partly because outside of class in my private lessons I train in BDU’s or BDU shorts and a t-shirt and shoes.  This way I am getting lots of training in shoes and different clothes.  Periodically we also train in jeans, etc. to spice up the training and give a different feel.  Now do clothes affect what you can do.  You bet they do!  Jeans eliminate high kicking and shoes grip the ground slightly differently than bare feet.  T-shirts feel different and cannot be used against you like a uniform coat or regular coat so you need to be able to function wearing anything you normally wear day-to-day.  Personally I love it when other people have coats on.  It really helps my grappling game in slowing someone down and choking them out utilizing the coat.  So because of all the coat training it generally is to my advantage when the coat is on!  Now we all wear shoes during the course of our daily activities.  However, most of us also have long periods of time when we do not. (think in the house or at night when we are sleeping)  So we need to be able to function with and without shoes.  That means in order to be efficient with both you need to split some of your training so that it has no effect on you when you are wearing shoes or when you are not wearing shoes.  Bottom line you need to be functional!  That is in the end what we are all striving for in our personal protection systems.

See You On The Mats!

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3 Responses to What Do You Train In?

  1. jks9199 says:

    Typical class… black sweats, gi pants or BDUs and t-shirt. and belt Occasionally, I’ll wear a full gi. And, I occasionally do a “street clothes” class where I have students wear old clothes that are similar to their daily attire.

    Clinics… as above, depending on the environment.

    Just practicing… whatever I have on. Typically sweats or shorts.

    But it is important to know how what you wear affects what you do… both in physical limitations (I can’t kick as high in boots, a gun belt & body armor, for example) and in attitude. I know that my attitude can be very different from uniform to plainclothes… and I’ve seen almost shocking changes in attitude and behavior from women wearing dresses/skirts instead of their usual training gear.

  2. Tim says:

    Typical Taiji class sweats and a t-shirt.

    When I trained Sanda I trained in whatever I wore to work that day

    Practicing at home, sometimes sweats and a t-shirt, sometimes street clothes, it depends on mood and the time of day.

  3. Perry Peck says:

    It seems to me that wearing a uniform helps and gives me a sense of concentration especially when I hit the mat. That said there is a lot to everyday clothing to be practical and prepared for anything at any time…

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