What Is Your Plan When The Shit Hits The Fan???????

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Okay, so what is your plan when the shit hits the fan?  Let me paint a picture for you with a story:  It is late at night say around 2:30 am and you hear a loud crash.  Three intruder’s have just come into your house with intention of maiming, murder, raping and stealing.  They are hardened criminals and carrying weapons from guns to knives and or a baseball bat.  What do you do?  Did your training prepare you for this?  Or are you shit out of luck!

Now, let me talk about what would likely happen at a house like mine.  First off I have an alarm system and I proudly have signage about it.  More than likely they go to the next house.  However, if they are stupid and do come in they will first be met by a blaring disorienting alarm.  Next in line is the big black wolf dog who more than likely will be standing at the top of the starts growling, barking and preparing to do what he does to anyone that wants to harm the pack. (you should see him when he is upset)  When the alarm goes off I am up with a Glock 45 in my hand and at the top of the stairs on the high ground shooting downward.  My wife is in a special room designed for this type of situation with her own gun.  After I unload 14 bullets on these armed thugs it is time to meet Mr. AR or Mr. Shotgun. (yes they are that close to where I am)   You see a handgun is just used to get to your long gun.  If I eventually run out of ammo only then would I go hand to hand.  Knowing how I shoot and the amount of ammunition I expect that won’t be needed but if it does I am prepared!  I have trained for almost my whole life for it and like my wolf dog I will sell out for the pack.

Note: I did leave out a couple of surprise features of what would happen at my house….

So think long and hard about this scenario or another one where a thug tries to carjack you.  What would you do?  Has your training prepared you for this?  If no then why not?  If you are concerned about real world violence then learn skills to cope with it.  If you are in Las Vegas I can help you get there.  If you live somewhere else I certainly can point you in the right direction!  Have a plan and be prepared!

Brian R. VanCise

Note: This blog is opinion only and neither Instinctive Response Training LLC or Brian R. VanCise are responsible for any third party actions.

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1 Response to What Is Your Plan When The Shit Hits The Fan???????

  1. Rich says:

    I may not have been prior Army but this deserves a HUA (Heard, Understood, Acknowleged)!!! …And more than that a great big THANK YOU! I know my family and I are better off with what I have been learning from you. What this training has given us is a better way to live. I’ve watched the “reported” crime stats within a two mile radius of my house increase drastically over the past two years on AlertID which only lends credence to everything you’ve stated above. Two months, ago a house less than two miles from me had a violent intrusion, multiple assailants, assault, battery, robbery and gang-rape of a female occupant, while the adult male occupant was defenseless, helpless and had to watch this horror unfold. This only proved that violence knows no boundaries and no community, gated or otherwise is immune to it. So again I thank you, Sir. I and my family are much better prepared to deal with these situations because of my training with you. Playing “Ostrich” is no way to live. Violence is very real and much closer to us than most people are willing to acknowledge.

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