The Pacific Northwest…..

Mt. Hood1

Okay so the wife had a conference in Portland, Oregon and while it was a short trip it was really, really fun.  I really get why so many people have always said to me that I need to go see the Pacific Northwest.  While we only saw a little this trip.  What we did see was simply awesome.  From Mt. Hood to the Gorge to the Water Falls there simply was a some beautiful scenery.  The city of Portland has a really cool vibe to it.  Lots of people out walking around, lots of sights to see like the Japanese Garden and the Rose Garden, VooDoo Donoughts and more.  Bottom line I cannot wait to go back and train with some of my friends in the area.  When it comes to martial arts there are a lot of really good practitioner’s in the Pacific Northwest.  From Stevan Plinck to Dan Anderson to Kelly Worden, Rory Miller, Bobbe Edmonds and the list goes on.  Most of all I have good friends like Georgia nd Kim Ketchmark there as well.  Georgia is also well-known Hwa Rang Do practitioner too!  So what are you waiting for go out and explore the Pacific Northwest if you are like me you won’t be disappointed!


Columbia River Gorge


Wakeena Falls

Mulnomah Falls

Mulnomah Falls



Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden






International Rose Garden


See You In The Pacific NorthWest!

Brian R. VanCise

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4 Responses to The Pacific Northwest…..

  1. Mike Hamer says:


  2. Hey Mike, glad you enjoyed the photos! It really is a stunning place!

  3. Glad you like that tree one Mike. I was really happy with the way it turned out and we are going to have it professionally blown up and made into a picture for our house! 😉

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