Concealed Carry

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Concealed carry is a big deal and a very big responsibility.  If you are going to conceal carry you first of all need to do it legally within your State.  Meaning, you need to know what your State laws are and what the requirements for concealed carry are or are not.  Not all State’s allow concealed carry so you really need to have an understanding of your State’s laws.  Then you need to do the necessary requirements to get a CCW or CPL within your State.  Once you fulfill the requirements and apply and receive your CCW then you are ready to carry legally.

Now, carrying a concealed weapon is a Big responsibility.  You have a duty, no obligation to take this very seriously because you have a greater potential for damage if you shirk it in any way.  Follow your State’s laws exactly and be a responsible firearms enthusiast!

I have several way’s that I conceal my firearms when out and about on a daily basis.  Typically I utilize an inside the waistband holster and an ankle holster.  When this is impossible I may go for an outside the waistband holster or a pocket holster.  My dress determines what I utilize as my holster.  Most of the time here in Vegas shorts and a t-shirt dictate on my frame a pocket holster.  However, with a slightly larger shirt I can wear my full size side arms on the waistband.   Needless to say you will experiment over time to find what is comfortable for you.  I personally recommend for either inside the waistband or outside the waistband that you go with what is universally considered the most comfortable holsters made by Alien Gear.

There website can be found here:

Alien Gear holsters are comfortable right out of the package and only get more comfortable with use.  I have about two hundred holsters and most I am in the process of selling after being hooked on Alien Gear holsters by my good friend Bart Uguccioni.  Besides Alien Gear holsters I also utilize a very simple Bianchi pocket holster and a very generic ankle holster.

When you see the following picture you will observe some of the set ups that I utilize on a daily basis.  I carry every day, every where that I go and can do legally!


You can see above some of my every day carry options.  Typically, full size auto with or without a backup revolver, one pocket knife and a flashlight.  I always carry three potential tools, ie. firearm, pocket knife, flashlight.  This gives me lots of options and you cannot believe how useful the pocket knife and or flashlight has been through the years.  I utilize them every day for very mundane tasks such as opening boxes and or being able to see at night.

I also utilize a fanny pack as a concealed carry option when I do not have appropriate pockets:



Years of practice, trial and error and a lot of money has been put into figuring out what and how I like to conceal carry.  It would take a very big innovation for me to switch what I am doing now but I am always open to new ideas! 😉

Once you figure out your optimal setup you will have to consistently practice your skills.  Drawing from concealed carry, knife CQC, Flashlight usage and of course your empty hand skills.  Note: with firearms I always carry a fully loaded magazine and one in the chamber.  the firearm is ready to go whether it is a Glock or a revolver.  The safety is of course my trigger finger.  The trigger finger never and I repeat never goes into the trigger guard unless I am going to shoot!  This is very, very, very important!

Here is a video I did awhile ago at a live seminar showing one variation of drawing from concealed carry:

Here is another very, very good video from the Personal Defense on concealed carry draw:

Yet another blog post on what you didn’t learn in your concealed carry class:

Carrying a firearm is a big responsibility and one not to be taken lightly!   I carry 24/7 either my firearm is on me in a holster or in the next to me ready to go in the middle of the night.  I am very serious, conscientious and responsible with this duty!

Do not be like these people in the following blog post.  Do not be an amature and irresponsible in your concealed carry.

One more thing to think about is even beyond knowing your States laws is what other States does your State have reciprocity with.  Meaning what States can I take my firearm with me and still be legally allowed to carry concealed.  If you do this also understand that you are responsible for abiding by the other States laws and there usually is a difference or to that you have to take into account.

A good place to check for reciprocity is here:

See You At The Range!

Brian R. VanCise

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8 Responses to Concealed Carry

  1. Mike Hamer says:

    Great post! Do you leave your pistol in a holster at night as well? One in the chamber on the nightstand?

  2. Hey Mike, At night my handgun is ready to go with a full magazine and one in the chamber. It is however, not in a holster but in a night stand drawer.

    • Mike Hamer says:

      Do you keep it in the nightstand so that you don’t accidentally bump it in your sleep? I’ve been keeping mine in the holster on the nightstand for this reason.

  3. There are a number of good set ups for night time accessibility. I have no problem with what you are doing by keeping it in a holster. Same with what I do in the night stand. Both are quickly accessible both are safe as they are out of the way. Another IRT practitioner has a holster attached to the bed and he finds that very efficient as well. What is important is that your firearm is easily accessible, ready to go and that you have a light on it! The light is very useful so that you can identify what and who you are shooting and why! My night time firearm is a Glock 45 caliber with a designated light on it.

  4. Good choice. Sorry I did not get back with a recommendation sooner. Main thing with any tactical light on your firearm is that it stays in place and gives you a strong, powerful light that allows you to see exactly what and who you are aiming at. This is very important so that you can identify friend or foe, whether the potential threat is armed or not, etc.! Which will give you the information you need to determine if you even need to utilize your firearm.

    • Mike Hamer says:

      No worries. So far I love it! I’ve heard people complain online that it isnt LED or super bright, but for indoor use it’s great. Haven’t went to the range with it yet, but it seems to stay on very well.

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