Striking The Bag And Live Cutting Practice!


     Okay so your training in a Martial System that utilizes tools such as sticks or knives.  Well in time you will need to challenge yourself with some bag work and also some live blade work.  Eventually you will want to do some live cutting whether on tatami, rolled up newspapers, water bottle or a hanging chicken. (already dead)

     This type of training is essential for your development as a Filipino Martial Artist or any system that utilizes a stick or blade.  There are several ways to go about it.  Heavy bag’s provide a great striking target for training with a stick.  However, they are costly and to much excessive stick work on one will eventually wear it down quickly and you will then have to replace the bag.  Still a heavy bag is a good tool to use now and then for your stick striking surface.  Another option is to create a tire dummy.  Tire dummies usually cost almost nothing but a little sweat.  They also last for a long, long time.  Following is a video of one version of a tire dummy with some training.

Here is a video of a ginunting test cutting on a water botel.  Simple effective but very important to do now and then.

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