Combative Customs Fighting Bolo!


     Okay the other day we had our Budo Taijutsu seminar with Shihan Michael Asuncion.  My good NSI friends from the great white north Matt Lamphere and Bill Bednarick came down and participated.   While Bill was here I got my hands on one of his Combative Customs Fighting Bolo’s.  This particular bolo trainer is simply the best I have ever had in my collection.  Now I have played with all the models out there available from Bram Franks design to a dozen of so directly from the Philippines to Edges2, etc.  So I have really looked around to find ones that I like and well let’s just say I like to collect sharp pointy things and the trainer’s that go along with them.  This particular Fighting Bolo is really sweet.  It simply feels like the real thing in your hands and that is exactly what a trainer should do.  What makes it way above it’s competitor’s is that Bill has gone beyond the commonly found paracord wrap and is now making identical wood handles to what you would have on the real thing.  That gives it a great feeling that is simply awesome and a real step up from any other trainer out there.


If I had only enough money for one style of Fighting Bolo then this is it!  I do not promote many products but only the best in my opinion.

You can find all of Bill’s products here at:

Take a look through the photo gallery to see some incredible trainer’s that were given out at the last Sulong tournament.

Only The Bold Shall Succeed!

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