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     Truthfully you have to love the internet.  The world has never been closer to you then at this point in time.  You can read something that someone has written across the world the moment they write it if they place it up on the world wide web.  That simply is awesome.  You can also now see things that before were very, very hard to see unless you went there in person.  What I mean by this is that you can see a Muay Thai training camp right now going on if you so choose and in the past you would have had to travel to Thailand to get that visual cue.  That is really, really cool!

     Still it is also important to understand that when you watch a video clip on the internet it is just one moment in time.  The instructor may just be showing one variation and not all the variations that they do.  This is important to know. (very important)  There are so many variables that come into play in a moment of violence that no video clip can show or cover every detail.  So in the end if you want to experience the technique well guess what?  You will just have to travel to the source.  There you can get all the details that you so desire!


Take the following video clip for example.  This one I placed up on how one could possibly deploy a folding knife during a violent encounter when an opponent reaches for a boot knife.

As you can see I am fluid in my movement to deploy the folder.  I have trained for years doing this and yes back in the day I have deployed tools during the moment without difficulty. (even with adrenaline flowing)  Still this is only one possibility and one variation in time.  There literally are tons of variations that could happen.  If they are faster on the draw then I may have to address their arm going for the knife.  I may also be hitting them in the face to stop their violent attack and then have to draw my folder.  It could be that as I am drawing they shrimp/curl and I have to adjust.  It could also occur that as I attain the knee on stomach and push down that their air goes out and they are unable to draw and I can go to the mount and achieve even more positional leverage.  If I had my firearm on my side in a holster then I may jump back and off of them as they go for the knife and then draw my side arm. (or I may disengage immediately and choose not to grapple at all)  You see their are many, many variations and what if’s.  That is the beauty of what we do in that there are oh so many variations and you need to constantly train to see them.


     So when watching video clips take it for what it is worth.  A moment in time, a variation that is shown or a breath taking location that you may never get to.  In other words enjoy what the internet brings to you and see different things that before just was not possible!  Enjoy!

Variation Is The Spice Of Life!

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Brian R. VanCise

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