Still Having Computer Issues……

…..Okay still having computer issues but I am up and running on a small lap top.  The main workhorse computer should be back in business later today or tomorrow. (I hope)

…..Now onto bigger and better things.  An often neglected portion of martial science training is the study of the Pressure Nerve Points on the human body.  These points when utilized correctly with the vital points of the human body can result in giving the practitioner an ability to zero in on specific areas and potentially stun someone or more.  PNP’s as we call them in IRT are points on the body that can cause motor dysfunction or a knockout and more.  Personally in IRT we train with the larger points that seem to have been proven over time to work regularly.  Regularly is the key here because unlike vital points PNP’s do not always work.  If the other person is hyped up on drugs, drunk or simply one of the points just does not work with them then you need to move on.  Pressure Nerve Points should be used in conjunction with vital point training and also with locks, throws, takedowns, etc.  When used in this manner I have found them very useful during arrest encounters in the past.  I can effectively say that I have seen or used several points on the legs to create a motor dysfunction during an arrest.  Having done that and then moved into a controlling lock we were successful.  IRT Pressure Nerve Point training can only be passed on through one on one direct contact with an instructor.  Having said that though I created a guide to help IRT practitioners and others interested in learning these PNP’s.  In 2008 I published an ebook titled: Pressure Nerve Points.  If you are a practitioner interested in Pressure Nerve Points then this is a very good ebook to start you on your way.

Pressure Nerve Points can be found here:


See You On The Mats!

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  1. Terry Stoker says:

    I hope your computer issue gets back ontrack A.S.A.P.

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