Blade Care And Maintenance!

……Okay the computer is back and I am in the process of reloading all of my material and programs on it for the last four years. 😦  Still as they say the show must go on!

…..Blade care and maintenance.  For anyone that has a blade or handles someone else’s blades then you need to be careful and always remember that your fingers and skin leave marks that sometimes cannot be removed.  So in other words when handling a blade do not touch it with your fingers or skin and if you do then you need to clean it with a rag and then oil it very, very soon.

…..Looking at the above blade it is pretty simple to know where you should be placing your hand.  That is on the handle.  The brass portion will change color from skin contact but in general you can bring that back with some serious polishing.  However the blade portion really should not be touched and especially with your fingertips.  Yet if someone does touch a blade then they need to very shortly clean it with a damp rag and then get some oil on it with another rag or tissue.  This will keep the blade like new for a long time.  Personally when it comes to oil I like Japanese Choji oil as it is simply fantastic and also smells great.  However many other oils will suffice in a pinch and I have used quite a few varieties through out the years.

…..Truthfully the moral of this particular blog post is that if you handle a blade treat it with respect and take care of it so that it will last for a long, long time.  I am very fond of the different blades that I have and nothing upsets me more than when someone does not treat it with respect of care.  So when handling someone elses tools take time and be careful for they may be a treasure to that person.

See You On The Mats!

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