Break Down Of A Guard Pass!


…..Okay the following video clips shows an IRT Combative Guard Pass.  In this particular pass you utilize your knee by moving it to the center of the other person and then move your other knee off on a forty five degree angle.  By creating this structure it will make it harder for your opponent to ride up and easier for you to pop up when you want to.  You then bring your hand that is on the same side as your knee that is pressing into the opponent back to his belt/waist area and grab onto their belt, pant/short waist, etc.  once in this position you pop up on your back leg while making sure that your lead arm is inside their leg.  Then you strike to the groin as many times as needed.  Finally you bring your shoulder back to their leg utilizing a vertical arm pass and then pass to the crossbody or side control position.  This is a simple, very effective guard pass however it is a street pass and is not effective in rolling unless you actually strike their groin. (then it works like a charm)   This pass is modified from a typical BJJ guard pass!

See You On The Mats!

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Brian R. VanCise

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