Breathless Wonder’s!

TIE Waterfall

…..Have you ever been training with someone where your jaw just dropped with what they did?  You saw their movement and wow you were just surprised with how they did something?  These moments while rare are out there and are always a source of inspiration for me.  I can remember my first experience with Grand Master of Modern Arnis Remy Presas when he started playing with a partner (and I do mean playing) and the sticks were flying!  It was simply amazing! I can recall my first Dan Inosanto seminar where he was carrying on a complex movement while looking to the seminar attendees and talking with them.  Unbelievable! I can remember Royce Gracie tying up a seminar participant and thinking how did he do that! I can remember a whole room full of people marvel and simply not understand what Hatsumi Sensei just did!  Incredible! There have been so many more (so many) so I just highlighted a few.  Needless to say there are lots of moments that will inspire a martial practitioner if they just allow it to happen.  This is a long path for the professional let your mind experience all kinds of breathless wonders!

See You On The Mats!

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2 Responses to Breathless Wonder’s!

  1. Tim says:

    I have been trained with people that absolutely amaze me over the years and I won’t bore all with the details but after reading your post my first thought went to my Taijiquan Sifu who has over the years got me saying and thinking all of these “It was simply amazing!” “Unbelievable!” “How did he do that?” “Incredible!”

    I once asked him about an application to a fast hard and straight on punch (basically a Xingyiquan attack) and he had me try it and I was all of a sudden about 3 feet behind him and had no idea how I got there, he never even appeared to exert any force at all. Afterwards I accused him of using a star trek transporter but in reality it just left me stunned, amazed and hoping I get to that level of skill someday.

    Thanks for posting this and reminding me of that, it’s a great memory

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Awesome memory Tim that is one I would have loved to have been there to witness/feel myself!

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