Stretching And Age……..

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Okay I have always been very flexible.  Ever since starting the Martial Sciences as a thirteen year old I have had great flexibility.  I have always been able to do the full splits.  However, I found once into my thirties though that I had to work harder to maintain that flexibility.  Then into my forties I had to work even harder and so on up the age line.  As we age if you wish to maintain your flexibility you are going to have to work at it.  If you want to improve your flexibility you will have to work at it even more.  There simply is no short cut. Stretching is really not my favorite thing to do.  In the Martial Sciences there are a lot of things I would rather spend time on.  Even so I try to stretch hard every other day and right before I begin I usually say some thing to myself like: “suck it up buttercup” and then I begin.  The bottom line is if you want some thing you are going to have to work at it.  As a youth I could kick just about anyone in the head without even warming up.  As an aging adult I wouldn’t even think of that and I am still flexible. (ie. can do the full splits)  As you age if you wish to maintain your flexibility you are going to have to work at it and realize that you are not a youth.  Take your time and stretch slowly.   Stretch in a comfortable manner with loose clothing and in a relaxed, slow manner.  Understand that as you age you need to warm up before stretching and take your time while stretching.  My goals over the years have changed from being able to kick as high as possible to just having good flexibility for life long health!  That is why I stretch now because in a violent encounter I probably won’t kick above groin level and more than likely only into the legs.  You see I understand now that my body is not interested in kicking someone in the head.  Especially in a violent encounter where I had no time to warm up.  As with all things in life you have to know your limitations!!!

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Maybe 1990?

See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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3 Responses to Stretching And Age……..

  1. Patrick Myers says:

    Great post on an often overlooked subject. Personally, I hate stretching. Shoulders are the worst, as I feel I have the flexibility of a piñata. One thing that has really helped is the use of a foam roller. The one I have only cost about $20. It hurts, but it is amazing how after using it for a while, your flexibility really does improve, and its great for recovery. The hurt from using it eventually diminishes with use. I am closing in on 40, and it has helped me greatly.

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  3. Tim says:

    Great post and an important subject, especially for us old dinosaur types 🙂

    Thanks Brian

    And for the record, in 1990 I never did a chair split but I did use to stretch out standing up with my heel on top of a refrigerator that was about 5 foot tall…. can’t do that now, but then I don’t do TKD or kick above my waist anymore… and probably could do it if I wanted to… and I don’t want to 😉

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