Knowing How To Fall…..

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There are few things that I teach that are more important than knowing the breakfalls and rolls in IRT.  We may not all be involved in a violent encounter during the course of our life but you can rest assured that we all will have multiple falls during it.  Multiple IRT practitioners that I know have survived some nasty falls by either utilizing a breakfall or performing a forward, backwards or sideways roll.  One even performed a dive roll off a ladder and stood up with no injury.

As a martial practitioner and instructor there are few things that I teach that are this important.  These simple training skills can help you throughout the course of your life.  Just the other day while at the Snow and skiboard Resort at Mt. Charleston I slipped on an uneven concrete, ice area and did a backwards breakfall.  It was just like I have practiced it thousands of times.  Lets up, rounded out back, head curled, etc.  After the breakfall I stood up a little embarrassed but none the worse for it.  So since I wasn’t hurt I just continued skiing the rest of the day.  Thank goodness for my training! 

One thing to know about IRT rolls and breakfalls is that there is no slapping of the mat or floor during practice.  That would be an excellent way to damage your hand on gravel, concrete, etc.  No we do not slap the mats during our breakfalls.  That is some thing you will learn in a system more geared towards sporting applications.  There are a few arrested breakfalls (sudden stop) and even then we do not slap but instead receive.  This is a very different outlook than how some other martial systems teach!

A fellow South East Asian practitioner Mike Castro just wrote about this on his blog:

Learn your breakfalls and rolls well.  They are some thing that is really important for you and your overall skill development in the Martial Sciences!

See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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