Elderly Man Uses Decorative Katana In Argentina To Stop Home Invasion….


I came across this information on Facebook in a Budo Taijutsu Group I am a part of:



<<After research and finding a translator (that wasn’t Google) We finally found the text of the ORIGINAL article in Spanish. This home invasion took place on April 10th 2015 in Córdoba, Argentina.

An elderly man and his wife were resting at home around 3:30pm in Cordoba, Spain. (Siesta time.) Several guys broke into their home through a window, beat the hell out of the two of them, then began to separate the husband and wife – they were taking her to a different room.

The husband began to panic, grabbed a decorative sword off the wall, and started slashing the robbers. The robbers fled to a car where an accomplice was waiting and sped away. They were chased by cops, crashed into a pole of some sort, and were arrested.

The italicized article above – which is a translation but doesn’t appear to be the same one as was linked in Spanish above – implies a fourth person was arrested when they showed up at a hospital for treatment for cuts to the forearms, and that a woman was also arrested (perhaps as an accomplice).

The original article says the married couple have been together a bit more than 40 years, so we’re talking about people in their late 60s/early 70s in all probability.>>

Here are the photos on imugur from we believe to be an elderly, untrained man who stopped this home invasion.  The photos show the thugs who were gruesomely cut during the home invasion.

Note these photos are gruesome!!!

All of the above is copied and pasted.  I have tried to cross verify it but it has been difficult.  My belief is if you work with bladed weapons it is important to understand what damage they can do.

Brian R. VanCise

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