United States: What Are The Safest States?

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Here is a page that I came across that I thought you might be interested in that shows a states rank.  With the lower the number the better.  See where your state ranks:


See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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5 Responses to United States: What Are The Safest States?

  1. Tim says:

    Interesting while also being rather depressing
    I grew up in one that is ranked 16
    Wanted to live in one that is ranked 1
    And ended up in one that is ranked 44

  2. Yeah, it is interesting. I grew up in Michigan which is rated 33 primarily because some of the inner cities like Detroit, Flint, Saginaw, etc. can really be bad. I grew up south of Flint and lived also for a time in Saginaw and Detroit I can tell you if you know what to do and where not to go you will be fine. Michigan is a beautiful, absolutely beautiful place to grow up. Now, living in Las Vegas (35) a big metropolitan city you have big city issues but…. if you know where to be you will be fine. Pretty much just like any big city. Though, like living in any area with lots of people you have to be aware of your surroundings. That and avoid places and people that could give you problems!

    • tim says:

      Same in Boston, but I have to tell you I just can’t figure out where the safer places are in NYC, I know the real bad places, but I just can’t figure out the where those places you will be fine are. Much why I do not go there unless I have to.

  3. NYC is a rather interesting place. I have only been there twice. I pretty much was guarded most of the time and checking everyone out. I felt okay in the Natural History Museum and also in Central Park right by the museum but it was middle of the day, sunny an beautiful and full of families. I don’t think I would be going there at night.

    • Tim says:

      And with that, I just discovered I have to be there this weekend. But it is a quick trip and I will only be there during the morning hours. So it will be full of families and things will probably be ok. I could spend weeks in Boston, Toronto, San Diego, Santa Monica or Beijing (if it were not so polluted). But I am never comfortable in NYC

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