Why You Want To Be Well Rounded!

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If you are training for self-defense or personal protection you need to be well rounded.  Why is this?  Because in a real world violent encounter rarely if ever do you get to pick the battle ground or circumstances.  You may be accosted in an elevator, parking lot, parking garage, hotel room, restaurant, bar, your home, etc.  You may be facing an attacker with a firearm, knife, baseball bat, screw driver, empty handed, etc.   Or multiple attackers!   You just do not know when or how you might be assaulted.  So, your training needs to reflect this if you are interested in learning real world personal protection skills.  You should have skills in various areas of personal protection.  Physical skills such as:

Weapons/Tools, Kicking, Hand Strikes, Trapping Hands and Joint Manipulation and Grappling

Mental skills in:

Awareness, Avoidance, threat potential indicators and more

You need to understand that weapons/tools are force amplifiers and that if you are attacked by a criminal there is a good chance that you will be attacked with a weapon.  The easiest way to counter weapon attacks is with another weapon/tool and skill sets that have been developed for this.

Bottom line is that you need to be well rounded as a martial practitioner if you are interested in self-defense and personal protection skills.  You simply cannot know how or when an attack might happen.  So have skill sets in various areas and specialize in what you like best but my friend do not be a one trick pony!  Have a wide variety of skills that you can draw on that can address the threat you face.

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Brian R. VanCise

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