Martial Arts Halls Of Fame… Or Is It Shame…



Martial Arts Halls of Fame are in general a very shameful practice.  Really, they are just a way for a promoter to make money and for most of the time a mediocre martial practitioner to add an award to their resume.  They are kind’ve like a big circle jerk.  Every year I get invited to four or five of them.  Every year as soon as I get them I rip them up and throw them in the trash.  Here is how they work.  A promoter creates a Hall of Fame, said promoter then invites people and or inducts some people without their knowledge.  The promoter invites lots of normal martial Joe’s and Jill’s to come to the Hall of Fame induction ceremony and some times there is a seminar for them to showcase their skill.  Of course there is a large fee to attend to cover the cost of the dinner.  Usually about four to five times the cost of the food and award.  People attend get a bought and paid for award and then go out and display or brag about it.  Or misrepresent their status in the martial world.  Promoter gets a boat load of money!

There were some magazine Hall of Fames that were really legit for a long time until magazines and print media in general fell on hard times.  Then you pretty much could guarantee yourself an award if you bought advertisements in the magazine.  I know personally, several people who have done this!

What makes this practice truly shameful is the duping of the public at large.  When an instructor claims to belong to a Hall of Fame and utilizes that as a selling piece of their credentials to the public.  When in reality they just bought the award!  That is so very, very shameful and frankly just deceitful. 

So there you have it, my opinion on the shameless and circle jerkery of the current state of Martial Arts Hall of Fames! 

They are worthless!

One final point though.  I know many martial instructors who have fallen into the trap of wanting or needing more recognition and or credentials.  Not all of them are horrible people or shamelessly misleading the public. (though some certainly are)   A few of them are really good guys who just made a stupid mistake and regret it later!  Still though, that award they purchased is worthless!  Just garbage.

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Brian R. VanCise

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1 Response to Martial Arts Halls Of Fame… Or Is It Shame…

  1. Mike Hamer says:

    Interesting, I’ve heard of these but never realized the shadiness of them.

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