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Opposite Lever

Breakfalls and Rolls are so important in your training.  Every day I am reminded this as I take ten to forty breakfalls a day on average with my private and group lessons.  So I get a lot of practice in, which also keeps me very fit! 😉   Whether side breakfalls, backwards breakfalls, backwards rolls, etc. you need to be on your game and paying attention to what you are doing!

I also appreciate the fact that in IRT we have to maneuver ourselves to breakfall as many of the takedowns, throws, sweeps, etc. place the opponent in a position where breakfalls are hard to do.  Meaning that the angle is wrong for them to breakfall out of the technique!  This was driven home yet again to me as I took a nasty breakfall this morning while training.  My training partner did exactly what he was supposed to do ie. a sweep and I simply didn’t respond as quickly as I normally do and walla when breakfalling the elbow hit the cement first.  Quite a jolt but only my pride was hurt!  Next time I just need to be paying better attention and counter the angle to avoid the jolt so to speak.

If your training in a “Martial” system then you need to practice your breakfalls and rolls constantly and counter bad angles routinely.  This type of training in the end is priceless as many an IRT practitioner has saved themselves from a nasty fall with this great skill set!

See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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