Breakfalls, Rolls And Life Saving Skillsets…


Breakfalls and rolls are life saving skill sets.  I simply cannot tell you how important it is to work on these skill sets.  At some point in your life you will fall.  You may be on a ladder, walking, on ice, on a bike, etc.  Some thing happens and walla you are going ass over tea kettle.  This could be forward, backward, sideways, etc.  So you need to have these skill sets ingrained into an instinctive response to this threat.  Just last year I was up in the mountains skiing with my youngest son.  I was carrying my ski’s and the area where you store them was super icy.  One minute I was standing the next I was performing a backwards breakfall and you know what?  I didn’t have a scratch, bump, bruise, etc.  The training did it’s work and I was 100% okay after this incident.  Last week another IRT practitioner mentioned to me that he was out biking and some thing happened and he was flying forward through the air.  After a forward roll he was okay and on his way.  I have so many more stories I could relate but you get the point.  You will fall at some point and if you know how to breakfall and roll then you are giving yourself a chance to come out of the situation uninjured!  These skills are life saving skill sets so make sure you get some practice in every day!

See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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