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If you are a martial practitioner you need to have endurance if you are ever in a combative situation.  Having a healthy heart and the ability to operate both Aerobically and Anaerobically is essential!

So what does Aerobic and Anaerobic mean?  Aerobic in its simplest definition would be to operate with air.  Oxygen comes through the mouth and into the blood stream. Meaning you breathe while you are performing an exercise and gain the benefit of oxygen going into your bloodstream.  A lot of training is aerobic oriented.  Technique training, sumbrada, drills, jogging, hiking, spinning, etc. are all good examples.  Where as, anaerobic training in it’s simplest definition is to operate without air or oxygen.  Very rigorous activities like sprinting, swimming for speed, some sparring or grappling at the most rigorous times can be defined as operating without air, etc.

We need for overall cardiovascular conditioning a combination of both.  This will give us the ability to operate at a high level during a violent encounter both with air and without if needed!  To be truthful though, most people operate the vast majority of their training around aerobic conditioning.  This is a problem and if you are a serious martial practitioner you need to address this.  Take a cold hard look in the mirror and at your training and see if you need to make some changes.

I am a firm believer in having a personal trainer help you address your weaknesses and this seems to help a lot of individuals stay motivated!  Bottom line get after it and make sure your training comprises both training aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular training!

Here is another blog post to read up more on Aerobic and Anaerobic exercise:  Fitness19

Here are some video’s explaining Aerobic and Anaerobic exercise from the Strength Project:

See You On The Mats!

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