The Knee On Belly Position…

Grappling With Weapons Seminar Photo With Noise(Large)

This is a very nice clear video featuring some finishing moves from the Knee on Belly position.  I am a huge fan of the Knee on Belly position because of the ability to stand back up and also the ability to strike downward with extreme force.  I also like the fact that I can protect my weapons/tools well by keeping them back and staying bladed in this position.  The first fight ender one a Reverse Bent Armlock is simply a great technique to seal the deal in a violent situation.  Depending on the individual though you may have to continue restraining or fighting them especially if they are on meth, crack, etc.  The other two are great I like the armbar and I like the heel hook but… in a life or death situation I do not like going to my back on the ground and giving up position.  If I am forced there by my opponents movement absolutely but I am not consciously choosing to go to one of those moves and potentially give up position.  Still great tools to have if you are forced there!

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