Explaining Iron Body Training…

There are some myths to explain about Iron Body Training or the ability to take a strike and continue on.  Quite often I see demonstration’s by individual’s taking shots that make it look awesome and a bit over inflated.  My experience from long ago as a Kickboxer has proven that combat athletes such as Boxer’s, Kickboxer’s, MMA fighter’s are simply the best at this.  To have a strong iron body or the ability to take shots to certain parts of your body you need to be work your attributes and develop your muscles to be strong so that they can take punishment.  Then you need to condition them through striking objects and being struck in that area.  Pretty simple really.  There are area’s however that you cannot improve physically.  Area’s like your jaw, temple, etc. cannot be conditioned and when you do condition them they just activate easier when your opponent strikes them.  So if you allow someone to do a touch knockout on your during training you are simply creating a situation where you will be knocked out easier in the future.  What you can do and this is for all areas is be mentally strong so that your mental strength may carry you a bit.
Attribute training plus mental strength are the key in iron body training.  Hence why superior athletes in combat sports are great and can take a lot of damage because they train their attributes and they are mentally strong.  Yet, if you watch combat sports enough you will see certain fighter’s that used to be so hard to knock out all of a sudden get knocked out all the time.  Once you are repeatedly knocked out when hit in the same area it happens easier and easier.

When I see someone demonstrating some form of Iron Body in a seminar setting when they know what is coming and where they will be hit their mental strength plus attribute conditioning makes it easy to do.  However, put them in a free flowing fight and they might not be able to take that same shot.  So in a demonstration it is cool to watch but not indicative of that individual making it work.  Just some food for thought….

See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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