Are You Prepared To Die…

In your training have you addressed this?  Are you prepared to die?  If you train, you at some point have to address this.  Freeing yourself from this worry is liberating.  It allows you to achieve the instinctive response quickly and easily.   Way to many martial practitioner’s never address this and it could hurt them in the moment of violence.

Being prepared to die frees you from worries and fears.  It liberates you.  It is not something that is easily done.  However, one has to come to the conclusion that we will all die and that you are okay if this happens in a moment of violence while you are protecting yourself or your loved ones.  Once you actualize this in your mental training you can move forward.  Meaning, once you give up the fear of death you are liberated to act in a moment of violence effectively and efficiently and bring your skill sets to bear.  Someone who has not actualized this may freeze.  The goal should be to fight and let your training come forth.  Or flee effectively and in control at the right moment.  Not to freeze and be destroyed.

Have you already addressed this?  Are you liberated in your training and in a personal protection situation.  If your not then you might want to consider if you are prepared to die.  Just some food for thought…

See You On The Mats!

Brian R. VanCise

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