Direct Transmission is Essential!


      Okay what is Direct Transmissioin and why is it essential?  Well direct transmission means simply that you have to have direct contact with your teacher’s in order to pick up the finer detail’s.  That is it!  In order to learn good Martial Science you need to be there first hand and not only see what it taught but also feel it from a teacher/professional.  That is essential! 

     Now a day’s, the world simply has shrunk.  People travel more and there are more seminar’s everywhere, more opportunities for training and also more videos both on DVD’s and also internet video clip’s.  It simply is great!  Still with everything that is available you still need direct one on one technique training.  If you attempt to train on your own or from a video then well you will simply put: Miss All The Finer Details!  These finer details will in the end make you incomplete or you will simply have too many holes in your skill set that could come back to haunt you.  In recent years I have had a number of people come to me for training that thought they had learned something from video, show, etc.  Only to find that what they learned was ineffective against a well trained person who new how to exploit their weakness or lack of knowledge in a certain area.  So you owe it to yourself to learn what you are interested in properly and from an expert and the only way to do that is to train in person and receive direct transmission of their skill set.

     Direct transmission of the Martial Science’s is essential.  There simply is no way around it.  If you want to learn say, Instinctive Response Training then you need to train with either myself, or instructor’s who have received the necessary training through direct transmission.  This applies to any system.

defensecraft-seminar-photo2-tie.jpg  defensecraft-seminar-photo-3-tie.jpg  defensecraft-seminar-photo-4-tie.jpg

The above photo’s were all taken from a DefenseCraft seminar with Matt Lamphere.  Lot’s of direct transmission going on that day!

Watch, Learn, Feel ask Question’s this is what Direct Transmission is all about!

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Brian R. VanCise

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