Hip Throw Seminar Video Clip 2000!


Bent Arm Lock Photo from the Seminar in 2000

Well it was quite a while ago that we shot this footage at a seminar I taught in 2000 at Masters and Champions.  If I recall properly we had a good group of people who were interested in learning some Combative Grappling so we focused on How to Stand Up, Takedowns including the Hip Throw, Wrap Sweep and Brace Sweep.  We also got into some submissions including the Armbar, Bent Arm Lock and a few reversals to tie everything together.  Following is a short clip of some of the instruction regarding the Hip Throw!

Oh And I Had More Hair Back Then As A Matter Of Fact I Think I Had A Pony Tail At That Time! 🙂

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One Response to Hip Throw Seminar Video Clip 2000!

  1. Mike Hamer says:

    Great Video!, Nice ponytail! hehe.

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