Photo Sequence From The Book: Advanced Wrist Strike Techniques!


     Okay in 2004 when I was in Japan we went to a Shinto Shrine devoted to the Martial Arts.  It was an absolutely beautiful place and I thank Mike Pearce and Phil Legare for showing us where it was. 

     We went back another time to shoot some video footage that I later turned into a best selling DVD and Hard Cover book titled: Advanced Wrist Strikes.  Wrist strikes or abiniko in the Filipino Martial Arts are quick effective countering techniques that can be used solely for striking or also as an entering point for trapping and locking.  The following sequence from the book and DVD demonstrates the later.

irt-photo1-forum.jpg  irt-photo2-forum.jpg  irt-photo3-forum.jpg

irt-photo4-forum.jpg  irt-photo5-forum.jpg  irt-photo6-forum.jpg


     In the above sequence you can see a parry, wrist strike, disarm, armbar and finaly a finalization with a leg destruction!

One of my students took the photo’s above and put them into this cool GIF viewed here at our store:

In The Moment Don’t Think Just Do!

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