Seminar Day!


     Well today we will be focusing the seminar presented by Shihan Michael Asuncion.  This particular seminar will have the Bujinkan 2008 theme of the year so we will be delving into Togakure Ryu.

     I expect we will be looking at the hidden things within Togakure Ryu and some specialty items like the Kyoketsu Shoge.  I particularly enjoy working with the Shoge as each time you practice it is unique.  That is one of the joy’s of flexible weapons/tools in that they never move quite the same way twice.   Needless to say it will be a great time as Shihan Michael Asuncion is truly a unique martial artist and has an incredible talent for passing on his skill.

     I wish you could all be here but alas I know that time and distance work against many of the reader’s of this Blog.  Still know that I will have some photo’s and possibly a video clip up tomorrow or on Monday by the latest.

See you on the mats!

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