Defending Empty Handed Against The Blade!

     Okay so you are caught without a tool in your hand and the person attacking you has a knife.   What do you do?  There currently is a train of thought out there that if someone attacks you with a knife and you are empty handed that you are done for.  This is not something that I subscribe to or would recommend thinking at all.  If you are attacked by someone with a knife the best course of action is always to get out of there as quickly as possible.  If that is not an option then get an equalizer or some sort of tool that possibly could tip the outcome in your favor.  Unfortunately quite often it happens so suddenly that all you may be able to do is defend yourself with your empty hands.  What I always suggest then is to do what you have to do but if you can draw them out.  Meaning get them to really commit to their attack then you could have a shot at a strike to the eyes, throat, limb control, joint manipulation or disarm.  Whatever happens do not give up as many, many people through the course of time have defended themselves against a blade and they have been successful.  Now I do not want to paint a rosy picture as many people have also died while defending themselves against a blade or been badly injured.  Still you have a shot, a chance to succeed in the moment.  The best course of action would be to never have to defend yourself vs. an opponent holding a blade.  Awareness and avoidance skills can definitely help you in this matter.  Cultivate these skills so that you never go down this path.  Still if it does happen then do what you must and survive!

In The Moment It Is All Up To You!

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Brian R. VanCise

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  1. Terry Stoker says:

    As always Brian Great article.

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