Off Balancing Your Opponent!

     Okay truthfully I have been blessed throughout my years of training by having some absolutely fantastic instructors.  All of them understood the various elements of a violent encounter very, very well.  All of them also taught and preached how to off balance an opponent in the moment.  This is a prized skill and one not to be taken lightly for he or she who off balances an opponent will have a brief bit of time to take extreme advantage of that.

     Off balancing is an essential skill whether you are utilizing tools, striking, trapping, joint manipulating or executing a takedown or throw.  If you can take someones balance either spiritually, mentally or physically you will have an advantage in the moment that may just be incredibly precious!  So how do you off balance someone.  Well there is the secret and through this format I can only give you hints as this is something you have to learn in person.  However here are a few ways that you can try while working with a partner.  If you are striking or utilizing tools one way to off balance someone is to feint or fake a movement.  That is a very, very simple way to off balance them.  By feinting or faking a movement if they perceive it as a threat they may retreat to gain space and in that moment they may be on the heels of their feet and well yes off balance.  That is the moment to take advantage of!  If you were locked up with someone in an collar/tricep position, open clinch, clinch and you were to step back on a forty five you could pull your opponent and then they may be off balance for a fraction of a second.  That second may be all you need to capitalize on the situation and execute a takedown or throw.  When on the ground I utilize a lot of technique to mentally off balance someone for a fraction of a second.  I may jam my sternum into their head/nose, etc or strike an exposed area to gain that mental off balance for just a split second.  That may be all I need to flow into a dominant position or a submission.

     Off balancing an opponent or opponents may be just one element of control of a violent encounter but it is a crucial one.  Make sure it is part of your training and hopefully in the moment you will survive!

See You On The Mats!

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Brian R. VanCise

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