Kelly Worden And Natural Spirit International!

     Kelly Worden is a West Coast Practitioner of the arts who simply put has been around the block.  With lots of years in Modern Arnis, Renegade Jeet Kune Do, Eskrima, Sibat, Defensive Tactics, etc.  Kelly Worden has through the years been the editor for Full Contact and Fighting Knives magazines.  He was proclaimed by the late Founder of Modern Arnis Remy Amador Presas as the Modern Arnis Senior Blade Master.   I have a few friends that train in NSI and they only have glowing things to say about Kelly Worden!  So I thought I would post his websites up and a few videos by my good friend Matt Lamphere featuring Kelly Worden.  Enjoy!

NSI Website:

Kelly Worden School Site:

Video Footage of Kelly Worden produced by Matt Lamphere of DefenseCraft!

See You On The Mats!

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