India One Of The Last Great Undiscovered Areas Of Martial Science!

Okay Martial Arts around the world have been written about photographed and video taped.  The native martial systems of India though have not been discovered enough in my opinion!  There are literally hundreds of martial systems in India that are truly unique and really wonderful.  The variety in India is astounding from Wrestling to Pressure Points to all kinds of weapons training.  They really are simply something you must see and experience.  Not just on video but also in person as video only gives you a small glimpse of what is really going on.  When last in India I was fortunate to be in the absolutely gorgeous state of Kerela.  With relatives and family there we had a fantastic time and I was also able to get in some martial arts time with the native Kerela system of Kalaripayattu.  This dynamic system is something to behold as it has body exercises, incredible gymnastics, empty hands training, a vast assortment of weapons training and a healing and massage component to the art.  The Gurrukal or teacher is generally incredibly adept because of the variety found in Kalaripayattu.   If you ever have the chance to go to Kerela then I would really advise it.  It is simply a beautiful, tropical place in India where the people are incredibly friendly.

Enjoy the following photos.

Next Time You Are Abroad Check Out The Local Martial Arts!

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5 Responses to India One Of The Last Great Undiscovered Areas Of Martial Science!

  1. Mike Hamer says:

    hmmmm……whats that weapon he has?

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Hey Mike,

    It is a flexible sword used in a whip like manner. It is, I believe called an “Urumi” this I have taken from my notes and one english book I have on Kalaripayattu. If you are interestested in seeing it in action I will try to bring some DVD footage from my personal library/trip to Kerela.

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  4. I have only heard Urumi but I will take your word on it. Here is a video clip:

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