So Last Night Was A Good Class!

…..So last night we worked on rolls out of wrist locks and armbars, stick striking techniques in the air and on the heavy bag.  Then we moved into more bag work with empty hand (kicking, hand strikes and elbows) and a little bit of focus mitt work.  Finally we moved into some of our Cornerstone Lunging Techniques and modifications.  Coinciding with the CLT’s was also some iron body work.  Then we hit the mats to work on the technical aspects of our ground game concentrating on maintaining the mount, mount escape and butterfly sweeps.  Last but not least a little submission grappling followed up by some padded full contact stick fighting.  Stick Fighting consisted of one on one, two on one out of the blue and also a knife thrown into the mix.  So last nights training was good for everyone there.

Heck we even broke a padded rattan core stick:

Try To Get A Little Bit Better Every Day!

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2 Responses to So Last Night Was A Good Class!

  1. Mike Hamer says:

    Hahahaha, thats great you got a picture of the stick!

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    I thought you might appreciate that Mike!

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