Dr. Remy Presas Jr. Seminar!

…..Okay tomorrow I will be attending a seminar by Dr. Remy Presas Jr. the son of Professor Remy Presas.  This seminar is being held at The Sterling Modern Arnis Club which is guided by Guro Ben Harrison.  You can view their website here: ModernArnis.html. This should be a great time and I am looking forward to it and will be taking my son to meet him as well.  Professor Remy Amador Presas created Modern Arnis and was the pivotal figure in getting Modern Arnis accepted into the Filipino school system.  He literally spread Modern Arnis through out the world and now many people are carrying on his legacy.  His family is doing their part in this and Dr. Remy Presas Jr. literally gave up teaching at a University to carry on his father’s Modern Arnis legacy.  Following are some videos of Dr. Remy Presas Jr. the son of the former Grand Master!


See You On The Mats!

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