Knee’s and Elbow’s!

…..Okay so I was going through my bag work out last night and really getting into it.  The bag was shaking and moving as I was hitting it with palm heel strikes and roundhouse kicks.  Eventually I moved into working on horizontal, vertical and angled elbows and upward, angled and crescent knee strikes.  That is were it really got fun.  I spent about thirty minutes just working on the elbows and knees and well I was sweating allot afterwards.  Knee’s and elbow’s are extremely important self defense tools for any practitioner that is intent on having effective personal protection skills.  These tools (knee’s and elbow’s) are simply designed to deliver extreme amounts of damage in a close quarter situation.  Used properly against points of the body that are vulnerable and you will have a good chance of incapacitating an attacker.  Just a few days back a couple of IRT practitioner’s went at it full contact and one was incapacitated from an upward knee strike from the clinch. (thank goodness for head gear)  Now learning effective knee and elbow strikes is not hard.  You just need an instructor to show you how to strike and where to strike plus when to strike and then you need to practice with a partner and figure out when to strike in real time.  Also serious bag work that really gets into knee and elbow combinations will help you.  In IRT we do allot of knee and elbow work from the clinch, trapping hands and of course when grappling plus we will also throw them out there when just striking if we are close.  No doubt about it Knee’s and Elbow’s will round out your personal protection skills.  Make sure your skill sets are not lacking in this area!

See You On The Mats!

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Brian R. VanCise

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