Martial Places To Train!

…..Above in the picture is a Budokan in Tokyo, Japan.  It is located in Ayase to be exact.  This particular Budokan has simply a great feel to it.  The first time I went there you could head Shakahachi music being played from a distance and when we arrived closer there was a good friend of Bart Uguccioni’s playing the Shakahachi.  At this Budokan which is a beautifully designed training place for the martial sciences you will find multiple training rooms/halls, an outdoor kyudo training facility, large gymnasium for Kendo and more.  No outdoor shoes are worn inside and you need to wear the slippers that are provided once you enter to move throughout the Budokan until you arrive at your training venue.  This truthfully is one of the advantages of being in a foreign country like Japan in that they have set aside time and resources for their martial systems.  Truthfully that is wonderful!

Ayase Budokan

…..What makes the Ayase Budokan even more special is that Hatsumi Sensei teaches there once a week!

Hatsumi Sensei Website

Bujinkan Dojo\’s Administrator Bulletin Board (George Ohashi)

See You On The Mats!

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