Training Halls And Uniforms!

…..Okay so last night we were outside doing some bayonet, three foot stick and some knife training.  We had taken the training to a local, out of the way park.  Meaning that we were in a secluded spot getting some serious martial practice in.  At one point when it started to become a little darker I looked up and saw the stars and thought to myself how great it is that the entire world is your Training Hall.  Personally I believe that you should train wherever you find yourself.  Whether you are in a secluded outdoor area, in a padded Training Hall, (dojo, dojang, kwoon, whatever name you want to put to it) roof top, or a parking lot, pool, river, lake, mountain, etc.  It does not matter where you are at you should be able to find a place to get some excellent training in.  I have always believed that the entire world provides you with unlimited unique training areas and that we should all take advantage of them.  The World is your Training Hall!

…..In many instances I believe the same of training uniforms.  You need to experience multiple training uniforms so that you are never surprised in how you move or feel in them.  For sheer durability it is hard to be the standard heavy weight martial arts uniform or GI.  They are designed to take abuse and each one when well made will give you multiple years of use.  However, you also need to train in other clothing such as shorts and t-shirt, athletic wear, jogging suits, suit and tie, jeans, military fatigues or BDU’s. (battle dress uniform)  Along with clothing you need to train in a variety of foot wear.  Dress shoes, tennis shoes, flip flops, boots, military boots, for the ladies high heels, etc.  I have a good friend is a very, very strong proponent of wearing shoes while training.  I am all for this too and yet I also believe that you need to train in bare feet as well.  Why is this so?  Well I sleep and walk around my house with no shoes on so if someone were to break in then I will probably be facing them with no shoes on.  When I made that point to my friend he also realized that hey I need to train in my bare feet as well.  He too walks around his house with out shoes on. 🙂

…..We live on a great planet with lots of training opportunities.  Take advantage of all the different places you could train as well as the attire that you can also train in.

Live, Breath, Sleep And Grow With The Martial Sciences!

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Brian R. VanCise

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