Philippines Force Recon Marine Ginunting!


Note Their Website Is Down At The Moment!  What that means I do not know!

…..Okay so writing a Blog has its perks.  You simply are in better connections with other like minded people and you have the opportunity to learn and also review various products throughout the world.  Recently one product came to my attention and here is a review of it.  This is their first international order and I am very happy not only to receive it but to also give it a review here on The Instinctive Edge!

A new company out of the Philippines recently started manufacturing Force Recon Marine Ginunting’s for sale over seas.  Having put my hands on one I can only say that they are truly top notch!.  From the Kamagong handle to the steel this is one incredible blade.  Currently this is the issued blade to the Philippine Force Recon Marine Battalion and it is what they use in the jungle and also in combat.  The Force Recon Marine unit is the special military unit for the Philippines and they are a world class formidable military force. (and very importantly one of our allies in the war on terror)  Currently they are in constant contact and battle in the jungle’s of the Philippines against Abu Sayeff.  Now this blade is exceptional in many regards. I particularly like the feel and strength of the handle.  It feels like a ginunting should feel. (I should know I have a half dozen of them)  The blade is black and unbelievably sharp and ready for use whether you are clearing brush or otherwise.  The blade also feels correctly weighted and that is always a very important part of any good ginunting.  The sheath is the new modern Kydex plastic sheath that is easy for upkeep and simply does not wear out like a normal wood one does.  This blade is the face of a modern ginunting. It has all the great personality of it’s ancient forebear and yet it is rugged and durable enough to be used by one of the world’s elite military forces.  Definitely a very, very special blade.

Here are some pictures:


Force Recon Marine Ginunting!


Force Recon Marine Ginunting, Kydex Sheath and Tek Lok Attachment!

Note that this is custom work made by the same smith who makes the blades for the Force Recon Marines.  It does take time in order to get one but the wait is well worth it!!!

If you are truly interested in a world class blade then please contact Buddy at:

Note Their Website Is Down At The Moment!  What that means I do not know!

Cost for a Marine Force Recon Ginunting is: $170 plus shipping and handling! (well worth it 🙂 )

The Marine Force Recon comes in a 17 inch blade model and a 21 inch blade model.  The reviewed blade is the 21 inch blade model!

This truly is a beautiful and functional Filipino Blade! It has my full endorsement and the backing of the Instinctive Response Training LLC Organization.

Here is a quick video clip of some movement with the Force Recon Marine Ginunting:

Note Their Website Is Down At The Moment!  What that means I do not know!

See You On The Mats!

copyright Instinctive Response Training LLC 2008

Brian R. VanCise

Note: This Blog is opinion only and Instinctive Response Training LLC nor Brian R. VanCise is responsible for any third party actions taken.

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Hi my name is Brian R. VanCise and my passion is the Martial Sciences. I have trained almost my entire life in the pursuit of martial excellence and I teach a world class curriculum in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact us at: 702-326-3622
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38 Responses to Philippines Force Recon Marine Ginunting!

  1. tgace says:

    Do the Recon Marines really carry this blade or is it just named after them?

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Hey Tom,

    This is the same blade smith who makes the Force Recon Marines Blades.
    It is my understanding that this is what they are now starting to carry
    and moving to and I can see why. It does not have the special insignia
    of the Force Recon Marines. That is reserved for those blades in particular!


  3. Steve says:


    I’m sure this is what they carry. They also receive a ginunting upon the completion of their training – and, look nothing like the ones on this page. They are blonde-colored wooden handles and scabbards, non-parkerized (darkened version as above) blade, have visible hammer marks…just simply not as impressive looking as what is shown here. They are a delight to wield though. It says ‘Force Recon’ stamped into the blade itself. My instructor has one and Tim Waid, who is in large part the overseer of their Pekiti Tirsia training, has shown me several of these…among other nifty things carried out ‘in the wild’. There is a video out there of Tuhan Gaje reviewing most of the historic weapons used by filipino blade fighters worth watching. He covers not only when, where, and why, but also how each was/is used.

    Here’s the link:

    Other than the ginunting, the barang is a secondary blade of choice at present and is most often found in the hands of Taliban guerrillas. The barang, however, is heavier and has a different balance to it altogether. Anyway, that may neither be here nor there for you.

    Hope that helps answer your question and the ‘iffy’ response by VanCise – no offense to be taken, as none is meant to be given.

  4. Brian VanCise says:


    This is also there pekiti tirsia kali webpage:

  5. Brian VanCise says:

    Hey Steve,

    No offense taken.

    Steve is correct in that the older blades are not up to par with these. The same panday (smith) is moving to these and then of course according to Typhoon so will the Force Recon Marines. Plus these blades are already in use according to Typhoon.

    In the world the two finest makers of ginuntings are Typhoon and Traditional Filipino Weapons. Of this there can be no doubt. They both utilize great steel. Typhoon and TFW are both owned and operated by Pekiti Tirsia Kali practitioners with Typhoon also being comprised of former Force Recon Marines. Both make and excellent product and both want people to buy there wares. I have both and a half dozen older ginuntings and I can honestly say that they are both better than any other ones I have used or touched. I am always however in the market and plan on picking a ginunting up from my good friend Leslia Buck at

    I do not want this Blog to become a back and forth experience for Typhoon or TFW. They are competitors after all. I have another blog post regarding the ginunting from TFW which you can see here: and also here:



  6. Rgil says:

    Thanks guys for all the reviews. It makes me more excited as my Typhoon Ginunting would be arriving in my hands sooner;-) It sure would be the finest among my blades and definitely a very important one in my weapon arsenal. If I don’t get to carry my sidearm and balisong then I would definitely have my Ginunting. Though I love to carry all of them three altogether;-) Regards to all of you guys. Cheers! from the Philippines..

    Rgil/ Pekiti Tirsia, Spartans

  7. Ben says:

    Would love to buy these but I can’t seem to find a working contact. Are these still available?

  8. Brian VanCise says:

    Hey Ben,

    I am not sure what I can do for you. I know after the flooding that they have had contact issues.

    • Ben says:

      Not urgent right now – I guess I’ll check back in a few months. If they have a phone number I’d be happy to give then a call if that’s easier than email…

  9. Brian VanCise says:

    Hey Ben,

    I think they mostly operate through email. I know several people have recently received their orders so I would just be persistent and keep emailing and I am sure they will respond.

  10. Chuck says:

    Nice Brian!

    I just ran into these on Blade Forum. The maker put a link to your site. Small world huh? Nice display of Cinco Teros working the blade man!

  11. Brian VanCise says:

    Thanks Chuck! I really enjoy this blade it is a true work of
    art that is functional at the highest level. Fantastic!

  12. tom knott says:

    brain i would like to buy the 17″ ginunting . please email me with a phone #so we can make contact. thank

  13. Brian VanCise says:

    I Tom you need to contact Typhoon directly to purchase one.
    Go through there website and email them and I am sure they
    eventually will get back to you!

  14. wilson d says:

    Are you still selling the ginunting ? How much?

  15. Brian VanCise says:

    Hey Wilson,

    I do not sell the Force Recon Ginunting. The company Typhoon Gear out of the Philippines makes and sells them. My current understanding is that they are hard to get through to but are still accepting orders and making deliveries. Still each ginunting is custom made so you can expect it to take awhile! Hope that helps!

  16. wilson d says:

    Thanks for the reply, I just want to get hold of these cool swords both the 17″ and 21″ . Sure hope somebody or you could make the “wanting” to be real. Nice and helpful thing your doing to promote the ” art”— more power to you and your site–train safe……fight prudent!

  17. genmaicha says:

    Is this ginunting full tang? The pictures seem to suggest that it isn’t.

  18. Brian VanCise says:

    I would direct your questions to Typhoon and Buddy Acenas!

    In regards to this Filipino blade though it is absolutely the best I have seen coming out of the Philippines! Sharp, well made to precise detail. Exquisite! Truly unique!

  19. joseph says:

    I was wondering if I was to purchase the guinunting training sword for $62.00 from TAK and use it in class against an aluminum guinunting during training, will the TAK guinunting training sword get damaged?
    Can it with stand the impact of an aluminum training sword?
    It is already known that aluminum against aluminum will chip and scratch but how will the TAK guinunting stand?
    Please advise.

    Thank you,


  20. Brian VanCise says:


    The TAK ginunting would be best used against a similar TAK ginunting. Personally I would not use it against an aluminum trainer. Thanks for your question!


  21. David Crossett says:

    This is a really interesting review…the Recon Ginunting not only looks like a formidable blade, but its actually looks good too. I was wondering whether or not you could provide any more updated information on the sellers of the blade? Do you know if they are still operational in April 2011? I’ve been trying to track them down online, but the trail seems to have gone cold. I’ve sent a few emails off to different addresses over the past month or two, but no response. I’d appreciate any help/advice.

  22. Brian VanCise says:

    I received an email about three months ago saying that were getting ready to relaunch Typhoon and have a large inventory to be able to keep up with the tremendous demand. So let’s cross our fingers and hope it happens soon!

  23. David Crossett says:

    Well that sounds good…at least now I know they are still operational. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open and hopefully Typhoon will open up a website sooner rather than later. Thanks for the update.

  24. Earl Dillard says:

    Just wanted to know if Typhoon Blades has reopened their business and do they have ginuntings available?

  25. Brian VanCise says:

    Hi Earl my last contact with Buddy was about eight months ago or so and it appeared he is still operational. Best bet is to contact him via the email and wait for a reply.

  26. Earl Dillard says:

    Thanks Brian for the information

  27. Earl Dillard says:

    Is Buddys EMAIL If not what is Buddys EMAIL/

  28. Brian VanCise says:

    Hi Earl that is one email but there is also this one:

  29. Earl Dillard says:

    Thanks Brian for the last TxT I sent an email request to Buddy about 2 weeks ago but still no reply. If you here from him please ask him if he is still taking orders or if his Email has changed. Thank you very much for your help.

  30. Earl Dillard says:

    Thank you very much Brian. I am very patient and grateful for your effort. I hope to own one of those awsome blades. I do have one of the TFW Ginuntings. But I would very much like one of TYPHOON ‘S great creations. Hope to hear from you or buddy soon.

  31. hermes says:

    recon blade, use for chopping coconut… from the farmers … not helping for planting … what else …

  32. Here is a new Blog Post regarding buying from Panday Gear!

  33. Top Prado Blades are available here:
    Note these are the exact same blades as featured above!

  34. Brian Watson says:

    So it’s a $170 Dollars so how much would it cost to be shipped to the UK. If you could inform me how much in total it would be appreciated thanks.

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