Grappling With The Knife!


…..Your on the ground with a knife and your opponent has one as well.  That creates some very dynamic and dangerous dimensions.  Why is that?  Well your mobility is more limited when you are on the ground and you are unable to move as quickly as if you were standing and on your feet.  So while position is still paramount to the grappling.  You now have to deal with a knife wielding adversary and you must account for his blade all of the time.  This is simply challenging.  I was working with this the other day with one of IRT’s top practitioners and we were playing with the idea of manipulating control of the opponents tool bearing hand by grabbing, movement and positioning.  There are simply ways in doing this that are better depending on you and your opponents position.  All of this culminated in who could change the angle first as that person would be gaining the advantage and needed position for control.  We also looked at the concept of walking the body or using your body to pin control and negate an opponents limb.  This movement is particularly essential in grappling with an opponent that has a knife or any kind of tool.  If you can control a limb you have an extreme advantage and in general should have a major upper hand in the confrontation.


…..Now I do not really want to be grappling with an opponent on the ground with a knife in their hand.  That is simply a difficult task to deal with and since your mobility is restricted you will have a harder time dodging a knife thrust or slash.  Certainly I would like to be standing up and mobile.  However, we do not always get to choose the battleground or whether we will be vertical or horizontal.  I have always tried to incorporate and plan for all contingencies.  Do this and you will keep your training interesting and exciting!


See You On The Mats!

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2 Responses to Grappling With The Knife!

  1. Brian, good stuff. This is not an easy situation to handle. Kinda scary huh?

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Hey Ron,

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes this would definitely be very, very scary.

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