Recognizing Reality!


…..Almost everyone who reads this blog trains in the martial sciences.  Not everyone but almost everybody.  One thing we as martial practitioners need to do is to remember what these skill sets are for and what happens out there in the real world.  I think it is very important to regularly read the daily local newspaper even if it is on line and also the US and world news.  While trying to keep up with just the day to day activities that happen I also pay special attention to the police updates where they tell if a robbery happened, assault, murder, DUI, etc.  I not only look for certain things like was a weapon/tool used in a robbery, etc. but in my local area I am also looking for trends.  Some of these trends include are home break ins happening more frequently, is robbery on the rise, etc.  This can give you a base line idea of what is happening around you.  Now, not everything gets into the paper.  As a matter of fact quite a bit of the criminal activity around you never gets even close to being there.  So you have to also factor that in.  In the real world crime happens and people are assaulted and cars are stolen and yes home break ins do occur.  They can happen to anyone at any time so it is important to recognize this as reality so that you can take steps to protect yourself!

See You On The Mats!

See You On The Mats.

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