Working Out With…….

…..You know what is really important in your training?  There are quite a few things but one thing that continuously sticks out to me is practicing your basics with people who are just starting their martial journey.  I often wonder at the practitioner that only wants to work out with advanced practitioners.  They only want to work out with equals or better or people who move smoothly.  Quite often in my experience it has been that people like this do not want to practice their basics.  In other words they some times feel that their basics are good so lets work on the advanced stuff.  One thing I enjoyed when going to Japan was working out and training with Budo Taijutsu practitioners that had thirty or forty years in the system.  Guess what?  They enjoyed working out with people of a lesser skill set and or attributes.  The ones I trained with looked for ways to improve themselves by practicing their basics and seeing the faults and helping to correct their less experienced partners.  Being able to see faults or mistakes and helping someone else actually makes you a better practitioner.  That is some thing you get less often if you only practice with people of your own skill set.  Now do not get me wrong in that I believe practicing with advanced people is very important but…. you miss a lot if that is all you are working out with.  When going to a Brazilian Jiujitsu Class pretty much everyone is thrown in together same with Budo Taijutsu, Modern Arnis, etc. sure an advanced class every now and then is good but having a connection with people just starting out is important and it reinforces your basics over and over again.  Those basics the fundamental skill sets are what will probably save your life if you ever need them so….. make sure you are always practicing with people starting their martial journey.  You may be surprised at how this will affect you!

See You On The Mats!

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2 Responses to Working Out With…….

  1. jks9199 says:

    There’s another trap of working only with “advanced” or “serious” or “good” people…

    It can easily lead to unrealistic expectations about a real attack. Most real attacks aren’t delivered the same way that a trained strike is thrown. A real attacker isn’t going to yield and flow with something the way a trained practitioner (who isn’t interested in getting broken!) will. It’s really easy to get used to being attacked “the right way!” I had this point driven home one day as I was demonstrating some knife defenses, and handed a training knife to a newer student… who proceeded to attack me “wrong” and could have cut me to ribbons!

    I’ve got a student who developed all sorts of silly, flaky and specialized tricks for sparring — because he was generally sparring me or another instructor. He felt like he needed that stuff to compensate against us… but it served him very poorly against other attackers. But, had he simply concentrated on working the basics as he was taught, they’d have (eventually) been effective against us — and still been effective against untrained attackers.

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Absolutely jks9199! Excellent point!

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