Nevada Firearms Training!


…..Most people that know me also know that I have had some extensive firearms training through the years.  From being raised around them to some firearm training courses and also going through the police academy, etc.  I have had a lot of personal range time with everything from hand guns to shot guns and finally rifles.  I have also been blessed with some wisdom from those instructors who took time to teach me!  However since I am moving to Nevada they have quite a few firearms institutes and ranges.  In and around Vegas there are several that I will immediately check out when I get on the ground.  Nevada is also home to Front Sight Firearms training and I may check them out as well.  See the video below!

My only issue with Front Sight is the cost but for a certain course I may bite the bullet on that!

See You On The Mats!

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Brian R. VanCise

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Hi my name is Brian R. VanCise and my passion is the Martial Sciences. I have trained almost my entire life in the pursuit of martial excellence and I teach a world class curriculum in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact us at: 702-326-3622
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