One Excellent Physical Conditioning Exercise!


…..Okay so you want to stay in shape and be fit? One exercise that will keep you lean and mean is what I call a “down-up” or what other people refer to as a burpee!
You start standing up and then you bend your knees while placing your hands on the ground roughly shoulder width apart. You then kick your legs out in a push up position followed by bringing your legs back towards your hands and then the next part is critical in that you then utilize your legs to explode upward and jump off the ground. This one exercise hits quite a few muscle groups and because of the jump at the end it also has some pylometric movement involved in it which is very, very explosive movement. So this one exercise can go a long way to keeping you in shape. Start out with sets of ten and quickly move to sets of twenty then rest and do it again. As long as you have strong knees you are set and believe me you will feel the burn!

See You On The Mats!

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Brian R. VanCise

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