Kalari payattu by Dr.Mahesh kidangil

This footage appears to have been shot in the back waters in Kerela.  Absolutely a great place if you can ever get there!  Kalari payattu is a martial system from Kerela, India.  It can be very acrobatic but also has a plethora of self-defense techniques! 


See You On The Mats!

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4 Responses to Kalari payattu by Dr.Mahesh kidangil

  1. Matt Burns says:

    Slightly off-topic…I just watched Terere vs Roger Gracie on a youtube Brazilian Jiu Jitsu search for the first time and wow! Great match. Do you guys think Terere would have won if it wasn’t for Roger’s size advantage?

    • dr maheshkidangil says:

      hi friend nice to c my videos in ur blog . thanks for promoting kalarippayattu, the mother of martial arts

      • Brian VanCise says:

        I’m absolutely grateful that you are putting videos out so that people can see what a beautiful system that Kalaripayyattu is! Thank you for all your hard work Gurrukal!

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Hey Matt,

    Sorry I did not see that match! I am however a huge fan of Roger Gracie because he moves very simply and just forces his opponents to make those little errors! Roger is a beast!

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