Pre World War II Video Footage Of Two 10th Dan Kendo Practitioners!

Here is some apparently Pre-World War II footage of two Kendo practitioners training.  Apparently both of these practitioners have received the 10th Dan ranking.

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3 Responses to Pre World War II Video Footage Of Two 10th Dan Kendo Practitioners!

  1. Tim says:

    I love old martial arts film clips but I am wondering something about this one.

    It appears that they are using live swords so wouldn’t this be kenjutsu? It was my understanding form my brief training in kendo (a whole 4 weeks, so I must be an expert 🙂 ) that kendo did not use live blade but instead used the shinai and occasionally the bokken. Or is my ignorance showing again 🙂

  2. Brian VanCise says:

    Hey Tim,

    I imagine that both of these gentleman were kenjutsu and kendo experts. (I am sure they cross trained) Plus I believe that back in the day. (ie. way back) That there would have been a lot more training with the katana or iaito in practice. Modern Kendo took off I believe after World War II and you see mostly shinai and bogu (armor).

    • Tim says:

      Thank You

      I do not know all that much about it, even though I took 4 whole weeks worth of Kendo lessons 🙂

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